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Get Your Corporate Dollars Doing Double Duty

Owners of very successful private corporations are intimately aware of the importance of cash flow.  Many are very protective of how they allocate corporate capital so that business ventures are adequately funded and investment opportunities are not missed.  An Immediate Financing Arrangement offers an opportunity to provide life insurance coverage and accumulate wealth on a tax-advantaged basis without impairing corporate cash flow.

What is an Immediate Financing Arrangement (IFA)?

An IFA is a financial and estate planning strategy that:

  • Combines permanent, cash value life insurance with a conservative leverage program allowing the dollars allocated to the life insurance premiums to do double duty by still being available for business and investment purposes.;
  • In the right circumstances and when structured properly so that all possible tax deductions are used, an improvement in cash flow could result. Read more »
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Protecting Your Business

While most business owners realize the benefits of corporate-owned insurance, many do not realize that flexible life insurance products such as universal life can provide them with the protection they need as well as a source of cash for business purposes.

Most  business owners  require insurance to: Read more »

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